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Good Riddance to Mary Horn!


Future Topics:

Is Denton County still separate buy equal?

Does Jim Crow still exist?

Denton County Commissioners Court Meets.

Systemic ethical and racist problems within the City of Denton Police Department?

Denton County Prosecutors seek "wins" not "justice!"

The best and the worst Judges in Denton County, Texas.

Which county employees make more than the Denton County Director of Public Health?

The water fountains still exist, but the signs are gone.

One side was for "Whites."

The other side was for "Negro's.".

Does Jim Crow still exist in Denton County, Texas?

Plessy vs. Ferguson.

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Not much time exists for construction of this site, as we all have full loads and finals coming up every semester.

Thank you Ms. Anonymous for loaning us this site, we will do the best we can.  As promised, we won't bother the visitor counter.


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